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Product Overview

Looking for opting Solar Power for limiting your electricity expenses? You are at right place. Green 4 Life Energy appreciates you for your wise decision of choosing sustainable and green technology for a better tomorrow. With our wide-range of efficient, cost-effective and innovative solar solutions, we are there to help and assist you at every step for enhancing your contribution to Solar Revolution. Let’s have on following table to help you in choosing the right solution for desired purpose.

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Product details

Parameter 1 KW 2KW 5KW 10KW
No. of Modules (250WP) 04 nos. 08 nos. 08 nos. 40 nos.
Solar Inverters 1 KW 2 KW 5 KW 10 KW
Batteries (150 AH x 12 V) (if required) 02 nos. 04 nos. 08 nos. 15 nos.
Space Required 10 sq. m. 20 sq. m. 50 sq. m. 100 sq. m.
Backup time Approximately 4-6 hours for 700W Load Approximately 4-6 hours for 1400W Load Approximately 4-6 hours for 3500W Load Approximately 4-6 hours for 7000W Load
Recommended Load 10LED Lights + 4Fans + 1 Computer or 10LEDs + 3Fans + 1LED TV 12LED Lights + 5Fans + 2Computer + 1printer or 18LEDs + 7Fans + 3LED TV 1.5Ton AC + 35LED Lights + 12Fans + 1 Computer + 3LED TV + 1Refrigerator 2 AC of 1.5Ton + 60LED Lights + 30Fans + 2Coolers + 6LED TV + 1Refrigerator

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