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OFF Grid/ ON Grid/ Grid Tied & Hybrid

General Description

ON Grid / Grid TiedOFF GridHybrid
Widely used by homes and businesses.Mostly used in case of unavailability or feasibility of grids.Combines best of both the system.
Connected to electricity grid to export the excess solar power.Need batteries and back-up generator (optional).Also known as OFF grid solar with utility backup power or ON grid with extra battery storage.

System Components

ON Grid / Grid TiedOFF GridHybrid
Solar panel modules Solar panel modules Charge controller
Inverter Charge controller Battery based ON grid inverter
Switchboard Battery bank DC disconnect switch
Electricity Consumption Unit DC disconnect switch - Optional back-up generator
MeterInverter DC disconnect (additional)
Electricity Grid DC disconnect (additional) Power meter
Electricity GridOptional back-up generator Power meter
DC disconnect (additional) Electricity Grid


ON Grid / Grid TiedOFF GridHybrid
Save and Earn Money Best alternative for location with no-access to utility grids. Combined advantage of both the system
Less installation cost Less maintenance required Energy Reliable and Independent More efficient and cost effective

Off Grid, On Grid, Grid Tieda and Hybrid Solar solar solutions